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Sister Ruut (Eng. Ruth) who lives in Sweden had been bedridden for 2 years with Fiber Myalgia. She heard that our SOM would be conducted at her sister’s church in Finland. Her sister is Pastor Johanna of Jyväskulä. Ruut wanted to attend the school and asked God to help her. His answer was simply “prepare yourself.” When the time came, friends carried her in a wheel chair aboard the plane. They nearly lost her when climbing the steps. In the second night of the school we had to change locations. The new location had an uncommon demonic atmosphere. The air was so compromised that I was unable to teach and leaders found it impossible to concentrate. Some people complained of a headache. This was not the first time we faced such conditions. I knew this Satanic force must be broken. After posting a pastor in each of the 4 corners of the auditorium we bound Satan and commenced to take control in the sanctuary in the Name and through the blood of Jesus. It helped some but it was not enough. I knew that Satan hates anointed praise so I instructed the pianist to lead out. In a few moments it seemed like we were going nowhere. I asked her to lead in a different chorus but she did not hear. Then from the corner of my eye I noticed movement. It was Sister Ruut. She stepped out of her wheel chair and began to dance expressively before the Lord. It only took 30 seconds to clear the atmosphere. The demonic resistance was no more. God was in the house! Nobody laid hands on Ruut. God Himself encouraged her to stand up. The moment she did, healing was hers. The anointing of the Holy Spirit filled the place. Spontaneous praise broke out. A prophetic anointing touched all of us for the remainder of the week. When Ruut flew home, she walked onto the plane in her own strength. God was sending Holy Spirit power tools to accomplish great things in a short period. Today, Ruut is giving her testimony in her home land. Now God is opening doors to us in Sweden. Everyone is being blessed because of the goodness of our Lord Jesus!

Ruut got out of her chair and began to dance before the Lord.

Thank you friends and partners for standing with us all these years. You can clearly see that God wants us in Finland and Sweden. If you desire to be a part of what God is doing there and in our lives, please make a donation at the place which is best suited for your location (information below). It requires about $3,000 to cover expenses. God bless your faith response! Larry and Deborah

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