About The Miningers

The Miningers were senior pastors for 17 years in CA before spending the last 26 years serving as missionaries in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.  They have active ministry in over a dozen nations.  Planting churches is a major focus of their work.  God blessed them during 25 church plants in various regions of the world.  Besides preaching on the street, in prisons and schools, on radio and TV, they are also international conference speakers. Their heartbeat is to train local leaders to take their place in the harvest.  Larry and Deborah developed a School of Ministry (SOM) that is associated with Advantage University.  When the SOM is completed, they are authorized to confer a Diploma of Ministry.  They are also Master Trainers for Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI).

Wedding Anniversary:  May 7, 1966

Larry's Birthday:  December 1

Deborah's Birthday:  July 24

Our Education:

Larry Mininger:         Bethany Bible College                  1972                      Bachelor of Science

                                    Advantage College                        2002                      Master of Arts in Theology

                                    Dynamic Church Planting Int.     2013                      Master Trainer

Deborah Mininger:  Advantage College                        2002                      Bachelor of Arts in  Christian Ministry

                                    Advantage College                        2014                     Master of Ministry

                                    Dynamic Church Planting Int.     2013                     Master Trainer