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Dear Friends and Partners;

The two camps for the war children are came to a close on July 31st. The camps were a
glorious success with a higher attendance than originally planned, Zhenya reports.

Moment of Reckoning

Deb and I received a call from Zhenya about four days before the first camp was
scheduled to launch. He was in tears. There was no money to put the camp on. Zhenya was onhis face before the Lord, confronted with the agony of discouragement: “Lord, did I hear wrong about the orphan and refugee camps this year?” While still before the Lord, a team member interrupted him and said, “Zhenya, the money is here!” He immediately rushed to get it.
Zhenya reported to us, that with money in hand, he returned to his place before the Lord. He said, “I had to repent because God was much more serious about the children camps than I was.” This was precisely the moment that he phoned us. Here is the quote from the Lord as Zhenya stated; “Now you can proceed with the camps. I am sending you children who have no homes, children who have no money, and children who have no fathers. Love them like I do!”

Another Touching Event

A 10-year-old boy from New York, Ukraine was picked up by the camp driver from the
official war front. Zhenya discovered within about 2 hours that the boy’s home took a direct hit
from a Russian rocket destroying his everything. The boy would have been home except for his
mother enrolling him in the camp. It is a fair assessment that the money you donated for war
children camps absolutely saved this little boy’s life. Thank you, friends, Praise you Jesus!

Humble Appreciation

Zhenya, Deborah, and Larry send to every giver and person of prayer our deepest heart felt thank you for your liberality. The total collected for the camps was $6,000 dollars. Our heart is overflowing with a good theme: “God knows how to take care of His children, even in a war zone.” Photos and video is forth coming to Deborah for editing within the week. Look for it!
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