Larry & Deborah Mininger
World Missions Ministries
Eastern Europe/Scandinavia

Mininger’s Mission Moments October 2023

How Near Is God
Our Immediate Future
                   Appeal To Heaven

We need to have wisdom from the Word of God and possess peace for this decision. Close missionary friends caught in a similar scenario have canceled their trips altogether. What is God’s unique plan for Larry and Deborah? Partners can respond after prayer to: We do not know if you like transparency or not. But one thing is sure, missionaries are human too. We do not possess all understanding concerning God’s will of how we should resolve these issues. We are trusting God with our health, well-being, ministry direction and miracle provisions. Thank you for participating before the throne of grace on our behalf. As always, He who sits upon the throne is holding our future in his hands. We are confident that we will walk out His purpose and be obedient to His will.

Thank you for hearing our heart, Larry and Deborah

Some partners may be interested in how our mission has been affected by Covid and what our immediate future holds. As already documented in 2020, we planted a new church in Estonia. Then in March the need to itinerate and raise funds brought us stateside. We were in Florida when Covid hit. In late December and January, we both contracted Covid. By April we were healed. We continued our itineration in California from April to June.

Each month we are working to encourage overseas pastors and leaders to stay in the ministry. It seems that the Covid shutdown has struck newer churches harder than well-established ones. Prayer has become a way of life for us. We soon realized that without it, ministry did not produce the desired fruit. I will not tell the number of hours per week that we pray for obvious reasons. We preach via Zoom in various places to uphold our gospel influence to churches and congregations where the Lord has called us serve. It is a huge responsibility. The effectiveness we enjoy is clearly connected to God’s grace and His purpose in our lives.

We want to thank every church leader, congregation and individual partner who has faithfully stood with us in support and prayer. May God find a way to reward you in the most practical means that only He knows about. Deb and I are well experienced in this mode of care from our precious Lord.

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Our Estonian (European Union) resident permits must be renewed. There are embedded conditions in the renewal system that make it difficult to comply. One such issue is that it can only be accomplished 60 days before expiration. We were just informed that the Delta Variant has caused another serious lockdown. Yes, it happens to be within that two-month window of our visa renewal. We are advised to postpone our trip until this wave of virus has receded. We are searching for special Covid exceptions to the process. Perhaps an online renewal could be applied for.