Larry & Deborah Mininger
World Missions Ministries
Eastern Europe/Scandinavia


Ever wonder if there was more to the Christian life than you currently possess?

Has God provided for growth, maturity and usefulness beyond what you are experiencing?

Is it so difficult to hear God’s voice and find supernatural guidance?

What does a genuine “walk in the Spirit” look like?

A secret revealed: There is more Holy Spirit anointing available than any of us currently possess.

God has already provided a means for you to grow and mature beyond what you have experienced.

Hearing His voice and walking in the Spirit can be the usual instead of the exception.

It is a matter of being taught in the Word what “surrender” means by being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Even those already baptized with the Spirit will greatly benefit with revelation insights and practical blessings. You will not be disappointed.

The above “Secrets Revealed” is what happens at Pentecost. I wrote the book, “The Pentecost Factor” and I have prepared a seminar to help God’s people connect with the Spirit led life (Rom. 8:14). The Lord of all the earth said the following to me:

“This is the day when I will fulfill everything that is written concerning the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Miracles and wonders are about to make God’s people effective again. Teach on Pentecost with a passion. Before Jesus returns, I will pour out of my Spirit on every generation and ethnic. There will be a serious dose of the Holy Spirit given to consummate this age before Jesus returns. People will be surprised at the working of the Holy Spirit in these days. Provide answers to hard questions and pray for people to receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.”

Deborah and I want to invite you to join us on “facebook” for this seminar: Just type in: Larry and Deborah Mininger Ministries. The right page will open. April 26th at 7:00 (EST) beginning Sunday for eight weeks.

Download a free student workbook: Go to click on “Bookstore”, place the mouse on my book The Pentecost Factor and click. A red box “download the workbook” will appear.

We hope you will join us! If you live in a different time zone, the seminar will be posted for a limited time and you can watch when it’s suitable. Looking forward to connecting with you for Christ’s sake!

Larry and Deborah Mininger; Evangelists, Missionaries to E. Europe, Scandinavia and USA.