Larry & Deborah Mininger
World Missions Ministries
Eastern Europe/Scandinavia

Miningers Mission Moments


Dear friends and partners, here is a short video clip of what you did for over 2100 young people in the orphans and war children summer camps and Christmas programs in 2023. It is the largest and most impactful response that all of us together have ever made: $10,000 dollars was sent. Listen as Pastor Zhenya gives his heartfelt thanks to you personally. He shows many children dancing, smiling, and receiving a small gift. It is the only gift most of them received this year (some for two years).

Deborah and I also want to thank you for your giving hearts that you demonstrated to these little stars in God’s kingdom. These little ones have done nothing to deserve losing one of their parents, having their home blown up, and family scattered by war. Our prayer is for God to continue to keep these children from getting bitter and hard. Let this short break and gift of love cause each of them to grow in God’s strength as He originally intended.
Larry and Deborah Mininger
Missionaries to Ukraine


• Click on link below to see clip
• Year-end gift receipts will be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2024