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Mininger’s Missions Moments
Nov. 2019

We are informed that due to the sensitive content that we’re reporting on, country, city and personal names shall be excluded. We have gained permission to use the story that you need to hear. God is bringing in the harvest.

Refugees Coming to Christ

Everyone knows that Muslim refugees are flowing into the European Union by the hundreds of thousands. Most are coming from Syria, Iraq and Iran. They have to jump through many political hoops to obtain the required status to remain. We have been informed of a rumor that makes its rounds through their camps. It says, “If you convert to Christianity, it will increase the chances of obtaining permanent residence.” That issue has caused some concern and skepticism to arise in our hearts when we hear of a revival breaking out in the Muslim community. Our guard is up!

Deborah and I went to speak in a meeting where a refugee revival was said to be breaking. We had already been told of the horrific back stories on several of the new converts. Upon arrival, there were two new Arab converts who were leading the worship that evening. Then it happened: They decided to sing a duet of the familiar song, “How Great Thou Art” in Arabic. At the first line of lyrics, the precious Holy Spirit fell on the house. Suddenly, the Lord was bearing witness to the genuineness of these brothers. We witnessed the Spirit working through them. Both of us began to weep uncontrollable for 20 minutes or so. We could only sit there and wipe tears with one hand and give our worship to the Lord with the other. We were then informed of their stories. In the caravan of refugees, one brother got separated from his wife and family for three months. But God reunited them after they crossed the ocean. The other brother lost his daughter. She was taken back to the home country where Muslim family members are trying to facilitate a marriage so she will lose refugee status. We were heart broken. These Arabic friends were just as saved as we are. The was one difference between us. They paid a high price to convert to Christ. They were overflowing with the fruit of joy as they sang. Deborah and I are also thankful for the pastor who has a burden for these refugees. Each week they go out to the streets witnessing to more refugees. We went out with them one afternoon and another Muslim found Christ. He was in church the following meeting. The Islamic community is looking for love and grace. Once found, they come to Christ. While at that local church God uses Deborah and I to help disciple these former Muslims. However, during that evening meeting we felt like we were being discipled. Your prayer for such churches, pastors and converts are greatly needed.
Please pause now and pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thank you!

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